Frequent asked questions

1.- Do you want to request a quote and make your reservation?
If you want to make a reservation or obtain a quote for any of our flights, you can do it online or contact our call center.

2.- I made a purchase through but now I’m unable to travel. Do I need to cancel the purchase? Can I request a ticket refund?
Yes, you must cancel your purchase. To do this you must contact us before your travel date.
Depending on the date of you purchased, you may need to pay a penalty fee to change the date of
your ticket. Please note that cancelations are subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare
you selected at the time of purchase.
To request your refund, contact our call center.

3.- Can I change the nameon my ticket?
Tickets are nontransferable, and as such you cannot make changes.

4.- I made a mistake when typing the first and last name(s) on my ticket, what can I do?
Contact our call center to check your case.

5.- How can I make sure my purchase was successful?
Check you received an email from us, where you’ll find the ticket number.

6.- If I pay with a company credit card what name appears on the receipt?
The purchase receipt is issued in the name of the registered passenger. It is not possible to issue the
receipt in the company name or the cardholder’s name as this document is generated by the system
in the name of the passenger.

7.- Can I make a booking and buyy my ticket later?
At present guarantee the fare in booking 24 hours after making the booking.

8.- Are airport taxes included in the ticket price?
Taxes are included in your ticket price. However, some countries do not charge taxes through the
airline. In these cases you must pay the corresponding taxes at the airport of the destination

9.- How long is my ticket valid for?
Your ticket is valid for one (1) year, from the date of issue and not the start of your trip. It’s worth
mentioning that this is independent from the fact that each fare has a certain validity period for its
use, so in certain cases if the fare expires the ticket may be used if you pay the penalties and fare
leveling charges that applies.

10.- How can I prevent the crime or ccyber scam known as phishing?
Please check the details of any emails that appear to be sent by as they may not be
from us. For more information please visit.

11.- What payment methods does accept? accepts credit/debit cards you can also make a banking deposit in our Bank of America account.

12.- What's the minimum time before a flight I can purchase a ticket?
International destinations:
8 hours prior to the departure flight and 12 hours prior to the return flight.

13.- Can minors travel alone?
Yes, you can request the Unaccompanied Minors Service for children over 5 years, which is
obligatory for children traveling alone up to 12 years. For more information please check our
Special Services.

14.- What happens if I have special mobility requirements?
We’re here to help you if you have any disability getting on or off your flights. Tell us about your
requirements when you make your booking and we can provide you a wheelchair service to and
from the doors.

15.- I’ve requested a refund. How can I check the request status?
To check the status of your request you can contact our.

16.- When can I expect my refund?
Money will be refunded within 3-4business days. It will depend upon the airline(s) and your
banking institution's policies. At times the refund will post before the charge is processed or may
not appear on your current statement. Please contact your bank to verify the refund was received.

17.- The billing address for my credit card is outside the U.S. or Canada. Can I book with you?
We currently process reservations for customers with billing addresses in many different countries worldwide.

18.- Why have I not received my refund?
Any refunds requested after 48-hours of purchase are based solely upon the airline(s) rules. If
approved, the refund will generally take 1-2 billing statement cycles to reflect on your account. In
some exceptional cases refunds may take longer than originally anticipated.

19.- What Documents Are Required For International Travel?
Passengers should check with the consulate of the country they are visiting to determine what
type of documents is required for entry and if a visa is required.

20.- What if I have questions or concerns?
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or any complain , please contact us at